Welcome to Emerson, Nebraska


The Village of Emerson operates and bills for the public utilities of electricity, water, sewer, and garbage.

Address:       511 N Main

                      Emerson, NE 68733

Phone:        402-695-2662


         *Make checks payable to Village of Emerson

Email:  emersonoffice70@gmail.com





To establish a new account with the Village, customers must pay a $350.00 deposit and show a valid ID.

Your deposit will be held until you are no longer a customer of the Village and may be applied to your account.

Your services will start/end on the day you notify the Village office.  Basic monthly service charges are not pro-rated.






Ordinance #1034 can be viewed in its entirety at the Village Office.

Section 3.  Payments on account.  The Village Clerk must receive payment in full, including any and all applicable late charges billed, due to delinquency and other fees, no later than the 25th day of each month at 11:59 p.m.  A late fee in an amount established by resolution of the Board of Trustees shall be charged to any subscriber who fails to make full payment by that date. Any subscriber who fails to make payment in full, including any and all late charges billed due to delinquency and other fees, by that date, is subject to disconnect as provided by law.  The Village Clerk will accept payments in the form of check, money order, cash, credit card, debit card or e-check, provided, however, in the event any subscriber has submitted payment in the form of a check that was returned for insufficient funds or any other reason, the Village Clerk thereafter will accept a money order or cash only from such subscriber, and a fee in an amount established by resolution of the Board of Trustees shall be charged to such subscriber and added to the subscriber’s utility bill. 

  • Municipal utility bills are due on the 25th of each month. Late fees will be applied after that.  

  • Payments mailed to the Village must be received by the 25th.  Postmark dates are not considered.

  • There is an outside drop box available for payments.  Payments are collected daily from the box.  

           If you are paying in cash, please place money in an envelope with your utility stub or write your name and amount paid on the envelope when dropping it in the outside box. 

  • Utility bills may be paid by cash, check, money order, credit or debit card and e-check

  • Automatic payments can be set up to be taken out on or about the 20th of each month

  • Return check fee is $40. After one returned check, cash or money order is required. 

         Utilities will be disconnected upon return of the check and full payment and fees need to be paid in order to restore services. 


Delinquent Bills and Shutoffs

  • Bills not paid by 11:59 p.m. on the 25th will be considered delinquent, penalties will be applied and you will receive a NOTICE OF TERMINATION OF SERVICES and have 7 days to pay your bill. 

  • If your bill is not paid within those 7 days your services will be shut off. 

  • To restore your services, your full balance is due plus a disconnect\ reconnection fee of $50.00 for each service shut off before services will be restored. 

**The Village of Emerson will disconnect utility services at any time and has no policy prohibiting the disconnection of services during the winter months. 

If you have billing questions contact the Village Office at 402-695-2662, during normal business hours, Monday - Friday.


Garbage Pick up

Garbage is picked up every Thursday morning and your can must be placed at the curb for collection.     


Please have cans at the curb before 8 am.

Please remove cans from the street as soon as possible after trash pickup.



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