Welcome to Emerson, Nebraska

Home-Based Businesses

GS Designs and Painting

Emerson, NE  68733




Hjk Handcraffed LLC  

1001 Logan Street, 

Emerson, NE  68733

Phone: 712-490-8131

E-mail:  hjkdesigns@gmail.com

Website: https://hjkdesigns.etsy.com

Facebook:Hjk Handcrafted


Hotpads by Dad

Joleen Gustafson

404 11 Road

Wakefield, NE  68784

Phone:  402-369-3130

E-mail:  jgustafson56@gmail.com

Two sizes of hotpads (8 inch and 5 inch)

Made by my 99+ year old dad


InkSolv30, LLC

105 West Front Street

Emerson, NE  68733

Phone:  515-537-5344

E-mail:  allison@inksolv30.com

Website:  www.InkSolv30.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/InkSolv30


Johnny’s Cakes and Catering


Emerson, NE  68733


For all your baking needs, including candies, cookies and cakes. 


M6 Accounting       

Kelli Mueller

85951 589 Ave.

Emerson, NE 68733 

Phone:  712.898.7036  

Email:  kelli@m6accounting.co

Website: www.m6accounting.co

Streamlined accounting services for you or your business.  I offer a wide range of accounting services including bookkeeping, account reconciliations, financial statement preparation, payroll/payroll taxes, sales tax and more. I tailor my services to meet the specific needs of each client.


Mrs. Skinny’s Pizza

Willa Saltzman, Owner

Emerson, NE  68733

Phone:  712-301-5995

Website:  Mrs. Skinny’s Pizza

Mrs. Skinny’s Pizza is available at the Post 60 Market in Emerson. I’ve started a line of all purpose seasoning, which is also available at the Post 60 Market.  In addition, I make breads, both dinner rolls and rustic breads, aprons and tea towels.


My Creations

Custom made items

Rita Gustafson

530 W 2nd St

Wakefield, NE  68784

Phone: 402-750-5261

Email: gustafsonrita57@yahoo.com

Facebook: My Creations


NE Laser Works

105 West Front Street

Emerson, NE  68733

Phone:  402-909-1139

Email:  NELaserworks@gmail.com

Facebook:  NE Laser Works



Emerson, NE  68733

Phone:  308-850-4919

Email:  alishafinney@live.com

Website:  RohdeBoutiques.com

Facebook:  RohdeBoutique


Sweets N Kreations, LLC

Sweets N Kreations—Cakes by Ashley

Emerson, NE  68733

Kaylynn:  605-630-3796

Ashley:  712-389-2286

Find us on Facebook @ Sweets N’ Kreations LLC

“Sweets with a dash of Kreation”