Welcome to Emerson, Nebraska

About Us

The Village of Emerson is located in Northeastern Nebraska. It is approximately 20 miles northeast of Wayne, NE and 25 miles southwest of Sioux City, IA. The community sits south of the junction of Highways 35 and 9, with Hwy 9 continuing north-south through the center of town. Middle Creek runs outside of the western and southern borders of our community.

Emerson’s location is particularly unique because its jurisdiction lies within three counties: Dakota, Dixon, and Thurston, a unique status in Nebraska. The largest designation, approximately 46% of the Village, is located within Dixon County; Dakota County’s portion in the northeast part is about 28%, and the southeast 26% is in Thurston County. 

The Emerson downtown area consists of approximately three blocks along N. Main Street in the heart of the community. It contains the Post Office and a range of businesses including a gas station, a bank, a veterinary clinic, a boutique/thrift store, a beekeeping & honey shop, multiple bars & casino, medical clinic and apothecary shop and most recently a grocery co-op store.